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I did a google search “meaning of investment” and this is the meaning as per the Dictionary – “the action or process of investing money for profit.” The word profit is the key-word here. All investment process is done to make a profit. Investments carry a substantial amount of known and unknown risk and on [...]


Gathering information has never been so easy. I remember in my undergraduate days and also during my graduation time I used to gather information from books, annual reports, newspapers, magazines, and any other possible source which were mostly physical sources. Why? Because not everything was easily available online. Today we have anything and everything needed [...]


I have been reading and following several personal finance blogs since a while now and everything revolves around one thing – savings! Recently I heard this audio book – Richest Man in Babylon and it emphasis on savings as well. The author says the person who wishes and desires to be rich should save atleast [...]

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This is the first article on the blog. And it happened to be on a bargain deal. I have been following Elcid investments since the time I have read an article on this company in ET. This stock currently trades at Rs 6 but is worth Rs 1 lakh! Your next question might be then [...]