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Best Indian websites to study and analyse stocks & Mutual funds

Gathering information has never been so easy. I remember in my undergraduate days and also during my graduation time I used to gather information from books, annual reports, newspapers, magazines, and any other possible source which were mostly physical sources. Why? Because not everything was easily available online.

Today we have anything and everything needed in terms of information available online. You can find more books on Flipkart and amazon than in any library. Agreed?

The information which is available online can be easily extracted and exported to tools for logical decision making. Thanks to technology!

When it comes to investing technology has helped it shape well. Not only institutional investors can research and compare stocks but also you and I can compare and analyze stocks like a pro.

There are a lot of websites where you can study stocks, but these are my personal favorite once and I see a lot of people around using these tools.

Best websites to analyze and track stocks:

MoneyControl – this website (also has an app) has almost everything you need – be it news, ratios, balance sheets, annual reports, broker reports, expert views, etc. All under one roof also it has a portfolio tool where you can track your portfolio. I use this website for portfolio tracking and doing primary research on particular stocks. It also has options to analyze other asset classes as well including – mutual funds, gold, crude, forex, etc.

Screener – There are over 3000 listed stocks in India. How can you find out which one has the best future potential? Analyze each and every stock and keep on tracking them forever? Screener is a solution to this. You can shortlist all stocks based on your desired ratios and other financial parameters. You can customize the query as per your needs.

Tijori Finance – This website helps in identifying alternative financial and non-financial matrix which helps you in identifying a great stock. (This is now a paid website. )

ChartInk – One of the best websites for technical analysis. A lot of parameters can be analyzed here. You can also create technical screens like screener.

Stockedge – They call it one of the best stock app in India. Has a lot of financial data and functionality. It also has a lot of technical data and fundamental data.

Along with these, I use BSE and NSE websites frequently.

Do you have any other app which you find useful in analyzing stocks let me know by dropping in a comment.

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